Who We are

Kopy Kats is a Jules Zion S. Ayers and Kiki Ayers company. While Ayers was pregnant she noticed that parents struggled to match their kids in family portraits and wanted to create something that was fashionable and accessible for the entire family to match. She turned to her good friend and Mentor Maxie James who connected her to her manufacturer in Turkey. From there, the company was born.

Ayers graduated fromHoward University in 2011. In addition to being a designer she is also a Celebrity PR agent and owner of Ayers Publicity. To date she’s been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, The Huff Post, XO Necole and ABC News. Her inspirational story of being homeless is what inspired her to create generational wealth for her son. Respect Magazine first broke the news of this business when Jules was just 4 months. As the Co-Founder of the company he’s officially one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world.

Kopy Kats brings an upscale and street wear style to the family household all while keeping the best interest of the child in mind. The style is innovative, respectable and classy.

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